Jun 23, 2019

Judy and Nick Fenney: From Heartbreak to Hope

Read the inspiring story of Judy and Nick Fenney, a couple who turned heartbreak into hope at Global Learning Preschool. Discover how their journey impacted the lives of many children and made a difference in the community.

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Oct 13, 2020

October | 2016 | St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Welcome to the October 2016 page of Global Learning Preschool at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Explore our comprehensive curriculum, highly qualified teachers, and engaging learning environment. Join us for a transformative educational experience.

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Oct 1, 2018

Hurricane Irma Update - Delray Beach

Stay informed with the latest Hurricane Irma update in Delray Beach. Global Learning Preschool provides comprehensive information and resources to ensure the safety and well-being of your child during this time.

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Oct 28, 2018

Update on Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Discover the latest update on Haiti after the devastating Hurricane Matthew. Global Learning Preschool provides comprehensive information on the impact, relief efforts, and how the community is rebuilding.

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Mar 3, 2020

Clothing the Homeless

Find out how Global Learning Preschool is making a difference in the lives of the homeless by providing them with clothing and essentials. Learn more about our initiatives and how you can contribute to this noble cause.

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Nov 9, 2022

Vision 2020: An Update and Invitation

Discover the latest updates and exciting invitation from Global Learning Preschool's Vision 2020. Gain insights into our mission, educational approach, and how we aim to provide the best preschool experience for your child.

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Sep 6, 2022

Welcome to Global Learning Preschool in West Boynton Beach

Discover the best preschool in West Boynton Beach. Learn about Global Learning Preschool's comprehensive curriculum, dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. Enroll your child today!

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Jan 14, 2022

O2B Kids Opens 47th Location in Valdosta, Georgia

O2B Kids recently opened their 47th location in Valdosta, Georgia, offering a comprehensive and innovative preschool experience for children in the area. Learn more about the exciting new facility and the unique programs available at Global Learning Preschool.

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Feb 22, 2020

Welcome to Global Learning Preschool - Lake Mary

Discover the best preschool in Lake Mary at Global Learning Preschool. Our comprehensive and enriching curriculum provides children with a strong educational foundation. Contact us today!

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Aug 19, 2019

Address Issues with Outside the Box Thinking

Discover how Global Learning Preschool embraces outside the box thinking to address issues and foster creative problem-solving abilities in young children.

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Jul 14, 2023

O2B Kids New Location- New Port Richey

Discover the new location of O2B Kids in New Port Richey. Enroll your child at Global Learning Preschool for quality early education and childcare services. Learn more about our facility, curriculum, and dedicated staff.

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Sep 29, 2022

O2B Early Education Ranks No. 2019 on the 2023 Inc. 5000

Explore how O2B Early Education achieved the remarkable rank of No. 2019 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list. Discover their innovative approach and commitment to early childhood education at Global Learning Preschool.

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Oct 22, 2018

Remembering Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzman | Posts

Read about the legacy of Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzman and her contributions to Global Learning Preschool. Gain insight into her vision and dedication to early childhood education.

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Sep 18, 2021

Lifelong Learning Begins With Teachers

Discover how the teachers at Global Learning Preschool foster a lifelong love of learning in children. Explore their educational philosophy and teaching methods through our faculty news.

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May 18, 2022

Alumni News from IDS and Corbett Preparatory School

Explore the latest alumni news from IDS and Corbett Preparatory School at Global Learning Preschool. Stay connected with our alumni community and witness the success stories of our former students.

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Jan 4, 2023

News - Corbett Preparatory School of IDS - Tampa

Stay updated with the latest news and updates from Corbett Preparatory School of IDS - Tampa. Learn about global learning at our prestigious preschool.

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Nov 16, 2019

Odyssey of the Mind Team Ranks Among World's Best

Learn about the incredible achievement of the Odyssey of the Mind team from Global Learning Preschool, ranking among the world's best. Discover the dedication, creativity, and teamwork that led them to this prestigious recognition.

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Jun 4, 2019

Brandon's Only Eco-Healthy Preschool | First Discoveries

Discover Brandon's Only Eco-Healthy Preschool at Global Learning Preschool. We provide a nurturing environment for your child's early years with a focus on sustainability, nature, and holistic learning. Learn more about our programs, curriculum, and eco-friendly practices.

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Feb 12, 2022

Welcome to Global Learning Preschool

Find the latest news and events at Global Learning Preschool. Stay updated with the 2021-2022 calendar and exciting activities for early childhood education.

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