Play-Based Preschool & Kindergarten

Jul 16, 2018

First Discoveries by Global Learning Preschool

Why Choose First Discoveries?

At First Discoveries, we believe that childhood is a precious time filled with curiosity, wonder, and boundless potential. Our play-based preschool and kindergarten program offers a unique educational approach specifically designed to harness the natural curiosity and creativity of young children. By combining engaging play experiences with intentional learning opportunities, we create an environment where children thrive and develop a lifelong love for learning.

The Benefits of Play-Based Learning

Research has consistently shown that play-based learning is highly effective in promoting holistic development in children. Here are some of the key benefits of our play-based preschool and kindergarten program:

1. Experiential Learning:

Through hands-on experiences and interactive play, children actively engage with the world around them, allowing for deeper understanding and knowledge retention. We provide a wide array of sensory-rich activities and play materials to stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

2. Social and Emotional Development:

Play-based learning fosters the development of important social and emotional skills such as problem-solving, cooperation, empathy, and self-expression. Our qualified and caring educators create a nurturing environment where each child feels supported and valued.

3. Language and Cognitive Skills:

Language development and critical thinking skills are nurtured through play-based activities. From storytelling and pretend play to engaging discussions and hands-on experiments, we encourage children to explore and communicate their ideas, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.

4. Independence and Confidence:

At First Discoveries, we empower children to take ownership of their learning journey. By providing them with opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, and take risks, we instill a sense of independence and confidence, preparing them for future challenges.

The First Discoveries Experience

Our play-based preschool and kindergarten curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure a well-rounded early education experience for every child. Here's what you can expect when you join First Discoveries:

1. Playful and Engaging Classrooms:

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and spark imagination. From cozy reading corners to interactive learning centers, each space is carefully curated to provide a stimulating environment for active learning.

2. Qualified and Passionate Educators:

Our team of experienced educators is dedicated to nurturing the potential of each child. They create a warm and supportive atmosphere where children feel encouraged to explore, question, and discover their unique interests and abilities.

3. Comprehensive Learning Programs:

We offer a range of comprehensive learning programs that cater to the specific needs and age groups of children. From preschool to kindergarten, our curriculum is designed to promote holistic development and prepare children for a smooth transition into elementary school.

4. Enriching Extras:

In addition to our core curriculum, First Discoveries provides enriching extras such as music, art, and physical education classes. These activities complement the play-based approach and further enhance children's creativity, motor skills, and overall development.

Enroll Your Child Today

Give your child the gift of play-based learning at First Discoveries, the play-based preschool and kindergarten program offered by Global Learning Preschool. We are passionate about providing a nurturing and enriching early education experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Contact us today to schedule a visit and enroll your child.

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