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Nov 14, 2019
Head of School

About George Daniell

At Global Learning Preschool, we take great pride in introducing you to George Daniell, our highly proficient and caring educator. With years of experience in early childhood education, George understands the importance of providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for young learners.

Preparing Children for a Successful Future

George Daniell's expertise lies in cultivating a love for learning while developing essential skills in children. Our comprehensive preschool program focuses on academic, social, emotional, and physical development, ensuring that each child receives a well-rounded education.

A Unique Learning Experience

At Global Learning Preschool, we believe in fostering a positive and engaging learning experience. George Daniell has designed a curriculum that combines structured lessons with hands-on activities, empowering children to explore and discover.

Our Dedicated Team

Under the guidance of George Daniell, our team of passionate educators creates a safe and inclusive environment where every child thrives. We employ innovative teaching strategies that support individual learning styles, allowing each child to reach their full potential.

Comprehensive Preschool Program

George Daniell's commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive preschool program. We cover a wide range of subjects, including language and literacy, mathematics, science, art, music, and physical education. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to ensure a seamless transition to elementary school.

Supporting Holistic Development

Global Learning Preschool recognizes the importance of holistic development in early childhood. George Daniell believes in providing ample opportunities for children to develop their cognitive, linguistic, physical, social, and emotional skills. We promote critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

George Daniell and the entire team at Global Learning Preschool prioritize creating a safe and nurturing environment. We maintain a well-equipped facility that encourages exploration and discovery. Our classrooms are designed to inspire creativity and provide a comfortable space for learning.

Parent Involvement

At Global Learning Preschool, we value the partnership between parents and educators. George Daniell encourages open communication, actively involving parents in their child's learning journey. We provide regular updates, organize parent workshops, and offer guidance on extending learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Enroll Your Child Today

Give your child the advantage of a strong foundation for educational success. Enroll them at Global Learning Preschool, led by the esteemed George Daniell. Contact us today to schedule a visit and experience our exceptional preschool program firsthand.

Contact Information

Global Learning Preschool 123 ABC Street, Cityville, State, 12345 Phone: 123-456-7890 Email: [email protected]

Cedric Beaugendre
Congratulations George on being a wonderful educator at Global Learning Preschool!
Oct 9, 2023