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Aug 4, 2018

Creating a Unique Learning Experience

Welcome to First Discoveries Academy, the leading preschool known for its innovative teaching methods and immersive learning experiences. We take pride in our Goats at School program, where children engage in interactive and educational activities alongside our adorable and friendly goats.

Why Choose First Discoveries Academy?

At First Discoveries Academy, we believe in providing children with the best possible environment to foster their intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Our Goats at School program is designed to ignite curiosity, enhance creativity, and promote a love for learning through hands-on experiences.

The Benefits of Goats at School

Our team of highly qualified educators and animal specialists have carefully crafted the Goats at School program to encapsulate the following benefits for your child:

1. Cultivating Responsibility:

By involving children in the care and nurture of our goats, we instill a sense of responsibility and empathy. Through feeding, grooming, and learning about their behavior, our students develop essential life skills that enable them to care for others.

2. Encouraging Curiosity:

Goats are naturally curious creatures, and through interactions with them, children are inspired to explore their surroundings, ask questions, and develop a lifelong love for learning. Curiosity is the key to unlocking new knowledge and fostering a growth mindset.

3. Teaching Environmental Awareness:

We believe in instilling a sense of environmental stewardship from an early age. Through the Goats at School program, children will learn about sustainability, animal conservation, and the importance of respecting nature.

4. Boosting Confidence and Communication Skills:

Interacting with goats helps children gain confidence in their abilities and strengthens their communication skills. By observing and engaging with these gentle animals, children learn how to express themselves, listen attentively, and develop empathy.

5. Enhancing Cognitive Development:

Goats possess unique traits that make them ideal companions for early childhood education. Interacting with them stimulates cognitive development through problem-solving activities, critical thinking exercises, and sensory exploration.

Our Commitment to Holistic Education

At First Discoveries Academy, we go beyond conventional teaching methods to ensure a holistic approach to early childhood education. Our Goats at School program is just one aspect of our comprehensive curriculum, which is designed to nurture children's minds, bodies, and spirits.

1. Intellectual Development:

We are dedicated to challenging and stimulating young minds by providing a thoughtfully structured curriculum that encompasses various subjects including language arts, mathematics, science, and technology. Through engaging activities and hands-on experiences, we actively foster a love for knowledge and learning.

2. Emotional Development:

Emotional intelligence is crucial to a child's overall well-being. Our skilled educators prioritize nurturing emotional intelligence by creating a safe and supportive environment where children can express their emotions, cultivate resilience, and develop healthy relationships with peers and adults.

3. Social Development:

Developing social skills is an essential component of a child's growth. At First Discoveries Academy, we promote teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication through interactive group projects and cooperative play. These experiences lay a strong foundation for positive social interactions throughout a child's life.

4. Physical Development:

Physical activity is vital for a child's overall development. Our spacious play areas and outdoor learning environments encourage active play, coordination, and gross motor skill development. Children engage in both unstructured play and guided physical activities to enhance their physical well-being.

5. Cultural and Creative Development:

We celebrate diversity and encourage children to explore and appreciate different cultures, arts, and creative expressions. Through exposure to various forms of music, dance, literature, and visual arts, we foster self-expression, imagination, and critical thinking.

Join the Global Learning Preschool Family Today!

At First Discoveries Academy, we are passionate about providing a nurturing and enriching educational experience for your child. Our Goats at School program is just one example of our commitment to delivering exceptional learning opportunities.

Join the Global Learning Preschool family today and give your child the gift of a truly unique educational journey. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover the magic of Goats at School!

Scott Johnson
🐐 This is such a fascinating approach to education! 👏 I love how First Discoveries Academy has incorporated goats into their curriculum. 🌿 It's so important for children to have unique learning experiences that not only stimulate their minds but also nurture their love for animals. 🎒📚 Kudos to First Discoveries Academy for thinking outside the box and providing an immersive educational environment. 🌈✨
Nov 10, 2023