Family Style Dining at Global Learning Preschool

Dec 22, 2017

Welcome to Global Learning Preschool, where we believe in the power of family style dining. Our approach to sharing meals together fosters an environment of connection, collaboration, and healthy habits. Through this unique dining experience, children learn not only about nutritious food but also develop vital social and emotional skills. Let's delve into the wonderful world of family style dining and explore how it positively impacts our preschoolers' lives.

The Benefits of Family Style Dining

Family style dining is more than just a way to serve meals. It's an opportunity for children to engage in a communal experience that prepares them for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and social interactions. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Nurturing Social Skills

At Global Learning Preschool, we recognize that mealtime is an integral part of a child's social development. By encouraging children to sit together and share a meal, we provide them with a platform to develop essential social skills. Through conversation, turn-taking, and sharing, children learn to communicate effectively, listen actively, and collaborate with their peers. Family style dining allows them to build friendships, strengthen bonds, and develop empathy for one another.

2. Creating a Sense of Community

Family style dining fosters a sense of belonging and community within our preschool. By eating together in a relaxed and inclusive environment, children develop a strong connection with their classmates and teachers. They feel a sense of unity, learn to appreciate diversity, and develop a respectful attitude towards others. Sharing meals creates a positive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and included.

3. Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits

We believe that instilling healthy eating habits from an early age sets the foundation for a lifetime of wellness. Family style dining enables children to explore a variety of nutritious foods in a supportive and engaging setting. They learn about proper portion sizes, the importance of balanced meals, and the value of fresh ingredients. Our caring teachers guide them in making healthy choices while also respecting their individual preferences and dietary needs.

Our Approach to Family Style Dining

At Global Learning Preschool, we ensure that our family style dining experience is enriching and enjoyable for every child. Here's a glimpse into our approach:

1. Emphasis on Independence

We believe in empowering children to take charge of their mealtime experience. Our teachers encourage them to serve themselves, pass dishes, and make choices about the food they want to eat. This autonomy helps in nurturing self-confidence, decision-making skills, and a sense of responsibility.

2. Engaging Conversations

Mealtime at our preschool is not just about tasty food; it's also about meaningful conversations. Teachers and students engage in discussions about food origins, diverse cultures, and the benefits of healthy eating. These conversations expand children's knowledge, stimulate their curiosity, and create an interactive learning environment.

3. Family-style Atmosphere

With shared tables, colorful tablecloths, and child-sized utensils, our dining area is designed to resemble a comfortable and inviting home. This intentional setup encourages a sense of togetherness, warmth, and relaxation during mealtimes. Children feel at ease, allowing them to engage in conversations and enjoy their meals in a cozy and welcoming environment.


At Global Learning Preschool, family style dining plays a crucial role in enriching our students' lives. It creates a nurturing, inclusive, and educational atmosphere that helps children develop valuable social skills, fosters a sense of community, and encourages healthy eating habits. Our commitment to providing a holistic and engaging experience extends to every aspect of our preschool, and family style dining is an integral part of that journey.

Join us at Global Learning Preschool and witness the transformative power of family style dining firsthand. Contact us today to schedule a visit and meet our dedicated team!