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Mar 4, 2020

At Global Learning Preschool in Lake City, we are dedicated to providing a world-class early childhood education experience for your child. Our preschool is designed to foster the development of children, ensuring they receive the best foundation for lifelong learning.

About Lake City

Lake City is a vibrant community known for its family-friendly environment and excellent educational opportunities. The scenic location, surrounded by natural beauty, makes it an ideal place for families seeking a nurturing and holistic educational experience for their children.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Global Learning Preschool, we believe in nurturing young minds and empowering them to reach their full potential. With a team of experienced educators, we provide a stimulating and supportive environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

Comprehensive Early Childhood Programs

Our preschool offers comprehensive programs that cater to the unique needs of children of all ages. From infants to kindergarten, we have meticulously crafted curriculums that focus on academics, social-emotional development, physical activity, and artistic expression.

Infant Care

Our infant care program establishes a safe and nurturing environment for babies to grow and thrive. Our trained caregivers provide personalized attention and engage infants in sensory activities to promote early development.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program is designed to encourage exploration and independence. Through age-appropriate activities and play-based learning, toddlers develop essential cognitive, motor, and social skills required for their overall development.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum provides a well-rounded education experience that prepares children for the transition to kindergarten. We emphasize early literacy skills, numeracy, problem-solving, and social interactions to ensure a strong foundation for success.

Kindergarten Readiness

To ensure a smooth transition to elementary school, our kindergarten readiness program focuses on building essential skills and knowledge. Students engage in hands-on learning activities, develop a love for reading, and strengthen their problem-solving abilities.

Experienced and Caring Teachers

Global Learning Preschool boasts a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who are passionate about providing the best education for your child. Our teachers create a nurturing and supportive environment where children thrive academically and emotionally.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We understand the importance of a conducive learning environment. Our preschool is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious classrooms, dedicated learning areas, outdoor play spaces, and age-appropriate learning resources.

Engaging Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum blends research-based teaching methodologies, hands-on learning experiences, and play-based activities to keep children engaged and excited about their education. By integrating various subjects, such as language arts, mathematics, science, and art, we provide a comprehensive education that develops well-rounded learners.

Language and Literacy

  • Phonics and reading readiness
  • Storytelling and creative writing
  • Letter recognition and formation
  • Comprehension and vocabulary development


  • Number recognition and counting
  • Basic operations and problem-solving
  • Patterning and sorting
  • Measurement and geometry

Science and Nature

  • Exploration of the natural world
  • Investigations and experiments
  • Plant and animal life cycles
  • Introduction to scientific concepts

Art and Creativity

  • Drawing, painting, and crafts
  • Music and movement
  • Dramatic play and role-playing
  • Expressing individuality and imagination

Enroll Your Child at Global Learning Preschool - Lake City Today!

As the leading preschool in Lake City, Global Learning Preschool is committed to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for your child's early education. Our comprehensive programs, experienced teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities set us apart from others.

Enroll your child today and set them on a path to academic success and personal growth. Contact us now to schedule a tour and learn more about our exceptional preschool programs.

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