Academics at Global Learning Preschool

Jan 23, 2020

Comprehensive and Tailored Academic Programs

Global Learning Preschool is dedicated to providing a high-quality education that sets a strong foundation for your child's future. Our academics program is designed to foster a love for learning, critical thinking, and growth in each child. With a focus on individualized attention, our dedicated teachers create engaging and enriching experiences, ensuring every child reaches their full potential.

Learning through Play

We believe that children learn best through play, which is why our academic programs incorporate various hands-on activities, interactive games, and educational toys. By creating a stimulating environment, we foster curiosity, problem-solving skills, and creativity in young minds.

Language and Literacy Development

At Global Learning Preschool, we understand the importance of language development in early childhood. Our language and literacy program focuses on developing strong communication skills, vocabulary expansion, phonics, and early reading and writing abilities. Through storytelling, rhymes, and engaging activities, we promote a love for literature and language.

Mathematics and Numeracy

Nurturing a strong foundation in mathematics is essential for building analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our mathematics and numeracy curriculum introduces key concepts through hands-on activities, counting exercises, pattern recognition, and number exploration. Our goal is to develop a solid mathematical understanding and a positive attitude towards numbers.

Science and Exploration

Science education plays a crucial role in fostering curiosity and nurturing young scientists. At Global Learning Preschool, our science program encourages hands-on experimentation, observation, and exploration. We introduce children to scientific concepts, natural phenomena, and the wonders of the world around them.

Social Studies and Cultural Awareness

We believe in fostering a sense of global citizenship from an early age. Our social studies curriculum focuses on promoting cultural awareness, understanding diversity, and building empathy. Through activities, discussions, and exposure to different cultures, we aim to raise compassionate and globally-minded individuals.

Physical Education and Health

Physical well-being is crucial for the overall development of a child. Our physical education program aims to develop gross motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, and a healthy lifestyle. We offer a range of age-appropriate activities, including sports, yoga, and outdoor play, to promote physical fitness and instill healthy habits.

Art and Creativity

Expression through art is an integral part of our curriculum. Our art program encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Children explore various art forms, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and music, to nurture their artistic abilities and enhance their fine motor skills.

Technology and Digital Literacy

In today's digital age, it is essential for children to develop digital literacy skills. Our age-appropriate technology program introduces children to computers, tablets, and interactive learning tools. Through guided activities, we teach them how to use technology responsibly, while also incorporating coding basics and digital citizenship education.

Individualized Approach

At Global Learning Preschool, we recognize that every child is unique and learns at their own pace. Our experienced teachers tailor our academic programs to meet the individual needs, strengths, and interests of each student. We provide ongoing assessments and feedback to ensure continuous growth and progress.

Enrichment Programs

Aside from our core academic curriculum, Global Learning Preschool offers a range of enriching programs to provide a holistic learning experience. These programs include field trips, guest speakers, cultural celebrations, community service projects, and more.

Join Global Learning Preschool for Academic Excellence

Discover the exceptional academic programs offered at Global Learning Preschool. Our dedicated team of educators, child-centered approach, and nurturing environment create an ideal setting for your child's educational journey. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour of our campus.

Malena Cutuli
Impressive academic programs for children.
Nov 10, 2023