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Jan 28, 2023

Admissions FAQs

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for admissions at Corbett Preparatory School offered by Global Learning Preschool. Here, we aim to provide answers to common queries regarding our admissions process, enrollment requirements, tuition, curriculum, and more. Read on to find the information you need to make an informed decision for your child's education.

1. What is the admissions process at Corbett Preparatory School?

At Corbett Preparatory School, our admissions process is designed to ensure a smooth transition for your child. Prospective parents are encouraged to schedule a school tour and meet with our admissions team. The process includes completing an application form, submitting necessary documents, and attending an interview. Our dedicated staff is available to assist you every step of the way.

2. What are the enrollment requirements?

To enroll your child at Corbett Preparatory School, we require certain documents, including a completed application form, birth certificate, immunization records, and previous school records (if applicable). Additionally, we may request teacher recommendations and conduct placement assessments to best understand your child's educational needs. Our admissions team will guide you through the specific requirements in detail.

3. What is the tuition fee structure?

We strive to provide quality education at Corbett Preparatory School offered by Global Learning Preschool while keeping tuition fees competitive. Our tuition fee structure varies based on grade levels and program offerings. We offer flexible payment options and financial aid opportunities for eligible families. Please contact our admissions office for detailed information on our current tuition fees and available scholarships.

4. What is the curriculum at Corbett Preparatory School?

Our curriculum at Corbett Preparatory School is carefully crafted to foster academic excellence, critical thinking, and all-round development of each student. We believe in providing a well-rounded education that encompasses various subjects, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, physical education, and the arts. Our dedicated faculty ensures a supportive learning environment where students can thrive.

5. Are there extracurricular activities available?

Absolutely! We recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in a child's holistic development. Corbett Preparatory School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including but not limited to sports, clubs, performing arts, community service initiatives, leadership opportunities, and more. We encourage students to explore their interests outside the classroom and provide a nurturing environment for their growth.

6. What is the student-teacher ratio?

At Corbett Preparatory School, we prioritize individual attention and personalized instruction. Our student-teacher ratio is intentionally kept low to ensure each student receives the attention they deserve. This enables our dedicated faculty to provide tailored support and guidance, fostering academic growth and student success.

7. Is transportation provided for students?

Yes, we understand the importance of a convenient and reliable transportation system. Corbett Preparatory School offers transportation services for students within a designated radius. Our school buses are well-maintained and equipped with safety features to ensure a comfortable and secure commute. Please contact our admissions office for specific details regarding transportation routes and eligibility.

8. How can I schedule a tour or request additional information?

Thank you for your interest in Corbett Preparatory School offered by Global Learning Preschool. To schedule a school tour or request additional information regarding admissions, please visit our website or contact our admissions office directly. Our friendly staff is here to guide you through the process and address any further queries you may have.


We hope this comprehensive FAQ section has answered most of your questions regarding admissions at Corbett Preparatory School offered by Global Learning Preschool. Choosing the right educational institution for your child is a crucial decision, and we strive to provide all the necessary resources and support to help you make an informed choice.

At Corbett Preparatory School, we believe in fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our dedicated faculty, robust curriculum, and commitment to individualized attention set us apart.

Contact our admissions office today to embark on the journey of academic excellence with Corbett Preparatory School offered by Global Learning Preschool.