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May 20, 2018

Providing Exceptional Preschool Education in St. Johns/St. Augustine

Global Learning Preschool is the premier educational institution in the St. Johns/St. Augustine area, committed to providing exceptional early childhood education for children aged 2-5 years old. With a strong emphasis on fostering creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that prepares children for success in both academics and life.

A Nurturing and Stimulating Learning Environment

At Global Learning Preschool, we believe that a nurturing and stimulating learning environment is essential for a child's overall development. Our carefully designed classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate educational materials, engaging toys, and interactive learning tools to facilitate optimal growth and learning experiences.

Comprehensive Curriculum Designed for Early Learners

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed specifically for early learners, focusing on fostering a love for lifelong learning. Through a blend of play-based activities and structured lessons, we encourage children to explore, inquire, and discover the world around them.

Language and Literacy Development

Global Learning Preschool recognizes the importance of early language and literacy development. Our experienced teachers introduce children to a rich variety of vocabulary, phonics, and reading comprehension activities, laying a solid foundation for future academic success.

Mathematics and Problem-Solving Skills

We understand the significance of developing strong mathematical and problem-solving skills from an early age. Our curriculum incorporates hands-on activities, manipulatives, and interactive games to help children develop numerical fluency, logical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.

Science, Technology, and Nature Exploration

Global Learning Preschool instills a sense of wonder and curiosity in young minds through immersive science, technology, and nature exploration experiences. Our students engage in hands-on experiments, outdoor adventures, and age-appropriate STEM activities to develop a deep understanding of the world around them.

Arts, Music, and Creative Expression

Inspiring creativity and self-expression is at the heart of our preschool program. Global Learning Preschool offers a robust arts and music curriculum, providing children with opportunities to explore various art forms, develop fine motor skills, and express their imagination through music, dance, and visual arts.

Social and Emotional Development

We prioritize fostering social and emotional development, as we recognize its importance in building strong interpersonal relationships and developing self-awareness. Our teachers create a supportive and inclusive environment where children learn to navigate emotions, cultivate empathy, and develop essential life skills.

Qualified and Dedicated Educators

At Global Learning Preschool, we believe that exceptional education starts with exceptional teachers. Our highly qualified and dedicated educators are passionate about early childhood education and are committed to creating a positive and nurturing learning environment for every child.

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Give your child a head start in their educational journey by enrolling them at Global Learning Preschool in St. Johns/St. Augustine. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover how our comprehensive program can benefit your child's overall development.

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Vikas Goel
Wow, Global Learning Preschool sounds like an amazing place for young children to thrive and grow! With their strong focus on fostering creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking, it's no wonder they are the premier educational institution in the St. Johns/St. Augustine area. It's important to provide exceptional early childhood education, and Global Learning Preschool seems to be doing just that. I'm impressed by their commitment to preparing children for a bright future. Well done!
Nov 11, 2023